Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Book #22- God Is Not Great

Title- God Is Not Great
Author-Christopher Hitchens
Genre- Nonfiction; Atheism
Pages to date- 6,582

The Good:
Christopher Hitchens was an incredibly intelligent man. His essays continue to influence the world in many issues of religion and science. This book was a great collection of arguments against religion that were well-executed, legible, and thoughtful. Rather than babble on in endless cliche, Hitchens uses specific evidence to support his claims.

The Bad:
There isn't much to say in this area, other than a general criticism of books in the genre. It doesn't seem to be reaching the right people. Halfway through, I thought "Why am I reading this? I'm already a convinced atheist." While the book did provide me with great debate ammunition, I couldn't shake the feeling that somebody religious should be reading it instead.

The Verdict:
God Is Not Great is superb in execution and a great read for atheists looking to further their knowledge or wavering believers  looking for a good argument.

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