Saturday, February 9, 2013

Book #21- The Last of the Sky Pirates

Title- The Last of the Sky Pirates
Author-Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell
Series-The Edge Chronicles, Book 1
Genre- Fantasy
Pages to date- 6,307

The Good:
The Last of the Sky Pirates shares many strengths with other books in the series. Most notable (at least in the first five books) is world-building. Stewart and Riddell put a ton of work into creating The Edge, and the result is a breathtaking land with varying races and scenery. The Edge is a perfect setting for such a whimsical collection of creatures such as shrykes, banderbears, and stormhornets.
The charming eccentricity of the book suits it well, especially in regards to character. Magda and Stob, while both somewhat annoying at times, lend a sense of comfortable familiarity.

The Bad:
As a fantasy series geared towards the interest of young readers, The Last of the Sky Pirates struggles to capture a more mature audience. Rook (the book's protagonist) has a few difficulties here and there, but they all seem to resolve themselves or he is aided by an older, more knowledgeable character. While this makes for some action-packed scenes, most of the time it is a bit disconcerting.

The Verdict:
The Last of the Sky Pirates by no means a difficult read, and readers who are more attuned to adult fantasy may struggle with it. However, the installment of The Edge Chronicles is perfect for anyone looking for a fun, casual, and whimsical journey into a well-crafted fantasy world.

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