Sunday, February 10, 2013

Book # 1- Beauty Was the Case that They Gave Me

Book # 1- Beauty Was the Case that They Gave Me

Title- Beauty Was the Case that They Gave Me
Poet- Mark Leidner 
Genre- Poetry 
Pages- 94
Pages to date- 94

The Good:  Mark Leidner is a master of playing with the reader's expectations, which allows for exceptional comedic timing in his poetry.  The poems in this book are hysterical because Leidner fleshes them out like a rhetorician and is unafraid to explore every angle of the individual poems. Leidner's poems often seem like a comedian writing a bunch of different lines for his set and putting them down on paper rather than delivering them in a club.  He also makes great use of anaphora (if you know what that means).  

What I've said so far might be difficult to make sense of, so just GO READ THIS BOOK!  It contains poems titled, "Charismatic Ambulance Driver," "The Night of 1,000 Murders," and "Memoirs of a Secret Agent."  What more could you want in a book?  That's right, nothing.          

The Bad:  Mark Leidner has a certain sense of humor that's almost British.  I could see some people finding the jokes cheesy or finding the speaker in certain poems an asshole.  But I find this humor hysterical, so there.    

The Verdict:  This is a very funny book of poetry by a talented poet and definitely a good book to checkout if you are just getting into poetry.  

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