Sunday, September 30, 2012

Book #8- A Wrinkle in Time

Title- A Wrinkle in Time
Author- Madeleine L'Engle
Series- Book 1 of The Time Quartet
Genre- Fantasy/Science Fiction
Pages to date-2,490

The Good:
A Wrinkle in Time is a quick read and has a lot to offer. A blurb describes it as such: "Fascinating...It makes unusual demands on the imagination and consequently gives great rewards." This is a very fair description of the book. The characters are interesting and the ideas presented are thought-provoking.

The Bad:
I left the book wanting more. Not necessarily a sequel (there are three companions, though not direct sequels), but more content. This story could have done well with 200 more pages. Everything is explained, but you are taken to such amazing worlds that you feel shortchanged once you've left. The concepts are so large that the time they are given seems unjust. Most of this is because it is meant for children. It would do even better if converted to an adult novel.
A few religious references interfered with my reading of the story, but not too much.

The Verdict:
A Wrinkle in Time is a swift and easy read that is satisfying, but a tad short of that amazing, vast story you've been craving.

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