Friday, September 28, 2012

Book #7- Steal Like An Artist

Title- Steal Like An Artist
Author-Austin Kleon
Series- None
Genre- Creativity
Pages- 140
Pages to date- 2,279

The Good:
Steal Like An Artist is an easy but interesting read. It gives a fantastic perspective on creativity as a whole, allowing readers to apply the concepts presented to whichever form his or her work takes. This makes it feel specific, as if Kleon is just writing a letter to you.
The illustrations and occasional newspaper blackouts add to the piece as well. They are entertaining and inspiring.

The Bad:
I wish there was a bit more. Kleon obviously has many ideas to present, but some of them just seem to be scratching at the surface. While what he has to say is interesting, it's over all too quickly.

The Verdict:
Steal Like An Artist is perfect for anyone who likes to create. It is a short read that presents some thoughtful suggestions and enhances the desire to make something.

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