Thursday, September 6, 2012

Book #6- A Universe From Nothing

Title- A Universe From Nothing: Why is there something rather than nothing?
Author- Lawrence M. Krauss (Afterword by Richard Dawkins)
Series- None
Genre- Cosmology, Science
Pages- 166
Pages to date- 2,139

The Good:
Krauss presents a comprehensive, mind-blowing look at the universe as it is today and how it came to be. His presentation is phenomenal.

The Bad:
Much of the scientific language was lost on me. While I could understand the broad concepts of what he was saying, as well as the implications of them, the specifics were hard to grasp. This is merely because it is targeted at a more educated audience.

The Verdict: A Universe From Nothing is a great choice for anyone interested in cosmology, but the uneducated reader (like myself) will have to push through until the final chapters to really be satisfied. A stellar work, just not the universal (pun intended) leisure read.

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