Saturday, March 9, 2013

Book #24- A Walk in the Night

Title- A Walk in the Night
Author- Alex La Guma
Genre- Realistic Fiction
Pages to date- 6,953

The Good:
A Walk in the Night introduces readers to the tragic impossibility of reaching manhood in South Africa during a time of political turmoil. I couldn't help but invest in the characters despite their major flaws. Even Constable Raalt, a rather jaded and villainous figure, earned a bit of my sympathy. Willieboy and stand out as the most loveable characters if only because of their hardships. Without these two, the story would be very lacking in emotion.

The Bad:
Surprisingly, I found this piece a little too short for my taste. I'm all for brevity if it serves the right purpose, but A Walk in the Night deserves to be a full-fledged novel. The characters could do well with a lot more page time.

The Verdict:
A Walk in the Night was pretty good, and that's coming from someone who almost exclusively reads fantasy. It's worth a look.

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