Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Book #2- Choke

Title- Choke
Author- Chuck Palahniuk
Genre- Black Comedy
Pages to Date- 628

The Good: 

Choke follows the life of Victor Mancini, a sex addict struggling to pay for his mother’s care at a retirement home.  The main character is clearly an intelligent man but an underachiever at life. Throughout the story the reader feels the need to encourage Victor to pull his life together and become the man he has the potential to be. 

The Bad:

The main women in this novel are all cast in a very negative light.  They all are either deranged or partake in unseemly careers such as stripping.  Also, there did not appear to be a defined point to the book or moral to be learned. 

The Verdict:

Ultimately, I did not fully enjoy the book.  The lack of meaning mixed with the vulgarity wasn’t really my taste.  There were times when certain scenes did not really seem to advance the story either, which made the reading drag on.   

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