Sunday, November 11, 2012

Book #14- The Fire Chronicle

Title- The Fire Chronicle
Author- John Stephens
Series- Book 2 of The Books of Beginning
Genre- Fantasy
Pages- 437
Pages to date- 4,124

The Good:
The Fire Chronicle is fast-paced and extremely entertaining. I couldn't put it down. The new depth in character of the Dire Magnus was phenomenal and will please readers. Michael's storyline was also noteworthy.

The Bad:
While the villain and Michael were newly characterized very well, the returning characters were a little more static. I would have liked more on Dr. Pym, Gabriel, Kate, and Emma. They are good, but not up to the standards of Rafe or Michael.

The Verdict:
The Fire Chronicle is a good, quick read that leaves readers wanting the next installment, but doesn't have enough balance in terms of characterization (I say this now, but it very well could be that this issue is mended in the next and final book of the series).

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