Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Book #12- The Casual Vacancy

Title- The Casual Vacancy
Author- J.K. Rowling
Series- None
Genre- Realistic Fiction
Pages- 503
Pages to date- 3,482

The Good:
The Casual Vacancy is a very interesting novel. The most compelling aspect of it for me was that it was so broad in scope. Even though the setting is a small town, it covers a wide cast of characters and controversial subjects.
The characters were phenomenally written, especially the younger ones. They were very real and so different from one another. I found myself caring so much for each one. Some, I wanted to succeed, and some I wanted to fail. Rowling threw in many surprises in the end that shattered my predictions.

The Bad:
The book gets off to quite a slow start. With so many characters, it is necessary to take some time to introduce them all. This happened for the first 70-100 pages. The next 100 or so was an introduction to the conflicts. After that, it really picked up, but it took a while to get into.

The Verdict:
The Casual Vacancy is an overall good read, but takes some dedication before satisfying the reader.

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