Sunday, December 23, 2012

Book #1-The Forge of Darkness

Title-The Forge of Darkness
Author-Steven Erikson
Series-Kharkanas Trilogy
Pages to date-688

The Good:
"The Forge of Darkness" is the first installment in Steven Erikson's newest trilogy detailing the split between the Tiste Andii and the Tiste Liosan. As a hardcore Erikson fan the I was very excited to see how events that I could only guess at before. Longtime fans of the Malazan Book of the Fallen series will be pleased to see many of their favorite characters of the series make appearances. While there's something for readers of MBOF in "The Forge of Darkness" this is also a great book for people looking to get into the Malazan world because it requires no prior knowledge of the the world.

The Bad:
Some fans of Erikson may be dismayed by the switch in his writing style away from the epic to something much more poetic, although I did not find it that distracting. Another thing that may disappoint readers of MBOF is the lack of scenes from Anomander Rake's POV.

The Verdict:
This is an amazing book. Everybody should read it.


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